Hand-Turned Bowls and Plates

The images shown below are examples of the hand-turned bowls and plates we currently have available for sale. Details of each bowl are provided in the caption. If you are interested in any of the products pictured, please complete the order form beside this information. We endeavour to keep this page updated with current stock, however please understand that there can occasionally be a short delay in updating sold stock. 

Please also note that each item is a one of a kind piece. Although we may try to recreate some of these designs, the very nature of the handcrafting involved often means that slight variations will occur. This can be due to various factors, such as the availability of different timbers, the variation of the grain in each wood sample, an inability to predict the final resin colours once cured, along with other random events that can occur while turning each piece on the lathe. While this may be disappointing if the item you would like has already sold, it also ensures that each piece will be unique and one of a kind. 

Please provide details of the bowl or plate you are interested in. We will check stock availability and respond to you as soon as possible.