Our Story.

Where it all began...

I have always had a passion for all things crafty and have dabbled in many different forms of art over the years. Wood has always been one of my preferred mediums to work with due to its natural beauty and the unique differences that can be found in the grain of each piece.  I became interested in resin art a few years ago and it seemed only natural to combine the two mediums together. 

The journey to combine wood and resin came from a desire to create a new coffee table that looked like it had a river flowing through it. I had seen these on the internet and adored the combination of the wood’s natural beauty and the realistic river effect that the resin provided. I just knew I had to have one and decided to give it a go. At that point my wife suggested I perhaps start with something a little smaller as I got used to working with a new medium, rather than jumping straight in with both feet to a giant coffee table. 

From there, our wood and resin river cheeseboards were created. Initially, I made four cheeseboards simply for the purpose of learning how to work with the resin. As not many people really need four cheeseboards, we promptly gave them all away to family members as Christmas gifts and I began to set my sights firmly on my river coffee table.  

Before I had the chance to finish the coffee table, I began receiving requests from family members to create more cheeseboards. Friends and family who visited the four lucky recipients of the initial prototypes wanted to know where they could get one, or if they could have one made too – for themselves and to give as gifts. 

 Suddenly we found ourselves inundated with requests for cheeseboards and decided that with such a popular product among friends and family, that we would try our luck at the markets. 

As the popularity of our cheeseboards grew, my imagination went into overdrive as to other ways I could combine the two elements of wood and resin. I discovered the art of wood-turning using a lathe and just knew that this was the next logical step in our wood and resin journey. My new lathe arrived 6 weeks prior to the first COVID19 lockdown and I spent many hours experimenting with different woods and wood turning tools, creating bowls, plates, candle holders and my personal favourite, banksia nut pods.  

Each piece we create is born from a love of wood and resin, which has been carefully hand turned, sanded and sealed over many hours.  There is a special place in my heart for each and every piece made and we hope that you will find a special place in your hearts and homes for our creations also. 

We are

Witell Crafts

Family is at the heart of everything we create.